import {IME} from 'cabbie-sync';

Input Method Editor object


activate(engine): void


Make an engine that is available (appears on the list returned by getAvailableEngines) active. After this call, the engine will be added to the list of engines loaded in the IME daemon and the input sent using sendKeys will be converted by the active engine.

Note that this is a platform-independent method of activating IME (the platform-specific way being using keyboard shortcuts)

deactivate(): void

De-activates the currently-active IME engine

getActiveEngine(): string

Get the name of the active IME engine. The name string is platform specific.

getEngines(): Array<string>

List all available engines on the machine. To use an engine, it has to be present in this list.

isActivated(): boolean

Indicates whether IME input is active at the moment (not if it's available)