import {Driver} from 'cabbie-sync';

Create a new Driver session, remember to call .dispose() at the end to terminate the session.


activeWindow: ActiveWindow

The currently active window. This has most of the methods to interact with the the current page.

cookieStorage: CookieStorage

Get the Cookie-Storage object.

ime: IME

Get the IME object.

localStorage: LocalStorage

Get the Local-Storage object.

options: Options

The options that were originally passed in to createCabbieDriver

remote: string

The location of the selenium server

session: Session

The current session. You can pass this session to createCabbieDriver to convert between sync and async drivers. e.g.

const driver = createCabbieDriver(oldDriver.remote, { ...oldDriver.options, session: oldDriver.session });

sessionStorage: SessionStorage

Get the Session-Storage object.

timeOut: TimeOut

Timeout configuration


dispose(status): void


End this Driver session

getApplicationCacheStatus(): ApplicationCacheStatus

Get the status of the html5 application cache

getGeoLocation(): {latitude:number, longitude:number, altitude:number}

Get the current geo location

getLogTypes(): Array<string>

Get available log types

getLogs(logType): Array<LogEntry>


Get the log for a given log type. Log buffer is reset after each request.

getOrientation(): BrowserOrientation

Get the current browser orientation

getWindows(): Array<WindowHandle>

Get an array of windows for all available windows

sauceJobUpdate(body): boolean


Sauce Labs Methods

setGeoLocation(loc): void

{latitude:number, longitude:number, altitude:number}

Set the current geo location

setOrientation(orientation): void

Get the current browser orientation